2014 Prices
20 pound box- $68
10 pound box- $37
5 pound box- $ 21
u-pick price- $2.60/ pound
Wednesday Greenfield pickup (see side text)- add $4 per box

 Come glean for the Stone Soup Cafe, the food bank, or your favorite food pantry this Monday, August 18th or Tuesday, August 19th.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase frozen fruit after the season ends.

Welcome Friends.

After a long cold winter, we were happy when spring came.  The berries seemed to fair well with the cold, and we had a beautiful bloom without much bud loss.  Happily, the pollinatation season also went well, and we are looking forward to what will hopefully be another good crop.  Please go to the "reserve berries" page of our website on or in the weeks after July 1st to schedule a pre-picked order or a weekday u-pick appointment time.  For weekend picking, we plan to be open the weekends of July 26th/ 27th, August 2nd and 3rd, August 9th and 10th.  Please arrive between 9am-2pm.   Please check back on our site for up to date information and last minute cancellations!  Also please see our FAQ page for additional information about the berries and the farm.


Hampshire College came to pick blueberries for their college dining services on our opening day.  They picked 600 pounds!  Check out it out:  http://sites.hampshire.edu/ffs/2014/07/25/farm-crew-picks-blueberries-for-campus-dining-hall/


See you during the harvest!


New this year:

We are offering a pickup in Greenfield on Wednesdays during the season  for an additional $4 per box charge. If there is enough interest, we may offer additional pick-ups next year in Greenfield and other locations.  If you sign up for a Wednesday, and you want to pick-up your berries in Greenfield, please be sure to indicate you are planning a Greenfield pick-up in the "notes" section at the end of placing your order.  You will receive a confirmation telling you to pick up your berries at the farm- do not be confused by this!  It is just our automatic email which you can ignore.  

Greenfield pickup will be held at Beacon Field by the baseball field.  Heading North on High St., take a right onto Beacon St. (after Sanderson St.) Head all the way to the end of the road and pull into the parking lot.  Dave's black truck will be parked in a shady spot and he will be there to assist you from 4:30- 6 pm.  


Pickup at the farm is between 4-6 pm.