Certified Organic Low-Bush Blueberries


2019 Price: $2.70/ lb

We anticipate being open for weekend upick, crop and weather permitting:

July 27th-28th

August 3rd-4th

August 10th-11th

Please arrive between 9 am- 2 pm. No appointments are needed for weekend picking, but please check the website before coming to make sure we are open.

2019 Pre-picked Berry Prices:

20 lb box- $71 (+$4 for alternate pickup location)

10 lb box- $38 (+ $3 for alternate pickup location)

5 lb box- $22 (+$2 for alternate pickup location)

Alternate Pickup locations 2019:

Tuesday, July 30th- Natural Roots, Conway- FULL

Wednesday, July 31st- Beacon Field, Greenfield- FULL

Thursday, August 1st- Brookfield Farm, Amherst- FULL

Friday, August 2nd- Veteran's Field, Northampton- FULL

Monday, August 5th- Simple Gifts Farm, Amherst- FULL

Wednesday, August 7th- Beacon Field, Greenfield- FULL

* Benson Place pickups still available August 9th

When you reserve your berries you can choose to pick them up at an alternate pickup location or at the Benson Place.


The Benson Place

Dear Friends of the Benson Place,

We're excited to begin another harvest on July 26th.  The blueberries are ripening and this year's crop is looking good.  The plants did experience some winter damage, probably from the rapid transition between fall and winter, as well as some blossom loss during the wet spring, but the sun came out just on time to ensure good pollination and the rain in early June was just what was needed.

We are happy to announce that a new sorting machine and 8 new garden carts will be joining the fleet this year!  We expect this to result in reduced wait times for the belts on the weekends, which should help the sorting to flow more smoothly.  Because the extra belt will also allow us to harvest 50% more per day on the weekdays, we will be harvesting the berries as close to their peak ripeness as possible.  Also new this year is 8 am weekday upick slots for those that want to beat the heat.  See the reserve berries page to schedule an appointment.

We are also working hard to continue to improve the nutrient density of our berries.  We are passionate about this "beyond organics" approach to farming to increase both flavor and nutrition.  Feel free to ask us more!

Although much time has been spent ironing out the glitches on our on-line ordering system,  it appears that some do remain.  If you do not receive a confirmation email when placing your order or scheduling a weekday-upick appointment time, please do email or call as it may mean your order did not go through.  If you recieve an error message, please make sure you filled out all of the fields.  

You can sign up to reserve berries here:  http://www.bensonplace.org/ReserveBerries.cfm

 If your preferred pickup date and location is full, feel free to sign up on the waitlist and we will call you if we have extra berries that day:


Want to work for berries?  Help is still needed on the sorting machines on our weekend days.    We are also still looking for two more folks to complete the 23 person weekday harvest crew.  Contact Meredith at info@bensonplace.org if you're interested.

We are so grateful to be working with this land, tending the lowbush blueberries that grow here.  Thank you so much for your ongoing support.




Meredith and Andrew