20 pound box- $70

10 pound box - $37

5 pound box- $21

u-pick- $2.60 per pound

Weekend U-pick

We will be open for our last days of u-pick August 14th, and 15th. Please arrive between 9 am- 2 pm on Sunday and please call to schedule an appointment for Monday. Be sure to check the website or voice mail for any last minute updates in case of rain, etc.   

 Pre-picked berries

We are offering several pickup locations this year.  Please add $4 per 20 lbs, $3 per 10 lbs, or $2 per 5 lbs to pick up your berries at one of the alternate locations. Please see our directions page for directions to these locations.  Pickups at the farm are always available any weekday.

Thursday, July 21- Greenfield- FULL

Friday, July 22- Natural Roots in Conway- FULL

Wednesday, July 27th- Greenfield- FULL

Thursday, July 28th- Montague - FULL

Friday, July 29th- Northampton- FULL

Tuesday, August 2nd- Amherst- FULL

Wed, Aug 3rd- Greenfield- FULL

Thurs, August 4th- Northampton- FULL

Friday, August 5th- Greenfield- FULL

Tues, Aug 9th- Amherst




Hi Friends,

Spring has flown by and it's hard to believe another harvest is upon us! The crop looks decent this year. We did experience a hard hit in one of our main fields this winter when the nighttime temperatures dipped to -21.5 and winds held at 40mph! Fortunately still, the rest of the fields survived mostly in tact and what's more, pollination went quite well.  Now we just need some rain...


For this year, we've continued with our organic certification as well as application of our nutrient-dense foliar sprays.  We've now converted nearly all the blueberry acreage to nutrient-dense practices, and in addition to increased flavor, we've noticed the nutrient-dense berries are easier to sort on the machines due to their more uniform ripening and firmer skins.  To learn more about the many benefits of nutrient-dense foods, check out  http://bionutrient.org/  and http://buynutrientdense.com/index.php .

We're also plugging away at our several year plan of planting at least 3.4 acres, or an area 10% the size of our blueberry acreage, with pollinator plants in order to increase the abundance and diversity of native pollinators (bumble, mason, sweat and andrenid bees among others).  We're excited to see more and more flowers blooming each year.  If you are interested in helping out with this project in any capacity, feel free to contact us.

This year, once again, we'll be offering multiple fresh berry pickup locations around the Pioneer Valley.  Please see the order page for more details on or after July 1st.  We're anticipating the season will begin sometime around July 25th.  

We hope you have a fabulous summer and we hope to see you during the harvest!


Meredith and Andrew